Enabling customer self-service – A2Hosting

Role: Usability Analyst and UX Research.


A2Hosting’s exponential growth resulted in their customer service team to be overloaded.

One of the personas from the project
Interaction map reveals that the support section of the website is complicated and not easy to navigate.


The goal of the project is to look for any design issues that are causing users to submit tickets and calls for basic issues.


My role was to research the interaction and visibility issues of the website and provide clear achievable recommendations to fix them.

What we did

During the course of the project, as a five person team we have,

  • Created an interaction map (linked above) to understand the navigation of the support website
  • Conducted user interviews and designed targeted surveys to create personas, scenarios and story boards. We have used these resources to guide us throughout the rest of the process.
  • Performed a comparative analysis of support documentation provided by the immediate competitors of A2Hosting to understand the market landscape
    Comparative Analysis Report
  • Analyzed the heuristics of the website to find common usability issues.
    Heuristic Evaluation Report
  • Conducted Usability tests to confirm out findings and submitted a findings report with a presentation to the stakeholders along with recommendations
    Usability Analysis Report


Before and After Recommendations

A2Hosting was able to implement our recommendations and achieved up-to 40% reduction in the amount of support tickets received.